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An underwater exploration game: Explore the depths of a surreal, hand-drawn abyss. Possess sea creatures and make use of their unique abilities to solve enviromental puzzles and travel deeper into the void. Awaken ancient slumbering goliaths, visit strange underwater towns and meet the bizzare townsfolk. Uncover their secrets to finally understand why you came to this place, and what the people that live here want from you.


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Spiral Circus is an independent games developer based in Bristol and London. The company was founded in 2018 by Tom Mead and Dom Clarke. The goal of the studio is to bring surreal art to life in games and interactive media.

After starting preproduction on thier first game ‘Silt’, they were invited to attend the prestigious Swedish games accelerator program ‘Stugan’. At Stugan the team was mentored by several prominent games industry veterans and over 8 weeks they experimented with several prototypes of the game until they had overcome the challenges involved in bringing hand-drawn pen & ink artwork to life in a game world.

After Stugan, two new members joined the Silt team: Antonenko Anton (animation) and Nick Dymond (Audio). These four people form the core Spiral Circus Games team. They continue to work on Silt while also prototyping a roster of future games and seeking investment and publisher funding for their projects.